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JISO Iluminación presents its first Sustainability Report

Reflecting its firm commitment to sustainable development, JISO Iluminación presents its first Sustainability Report in which it outlines its main efforts and achievements from this year.

The document highlights the actions presented that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goal is to strengthen, modernise and drive the company’s transformation, basing it on social, environmental and economic sustainability.

In the words of JISO Iluminación’s management team, “Our first Sustainability Report details a commitment – both current and future – to sustainability, addressing challenges and needs that are both social and environmental in natur” .


Committed to society

JISO Iluminación works to improve the lives of its employees. The company ensures its people enjoy good social development, for which reason its work conditions need to be right, with these encompassing aspects like the working day, pay, participatory consultations, and occupational health and safety.

In addition, promoting diversity and the inclusion of certain groups is a priority for society today. One of the most successful tools used to achieve this goal is to encourage equal opportunities in a way that goes beyond gender diversity. For example, by hiring individuals at risk of social exclusion. JISO encourages a work and family life balance through its respect for the regulations in force and through its adaptation of working hours in accordance with the needs of its workforce, with reduced working hours, remote working, a continuous work day, morning hours, and a five-day working week available.

Training is another key aspect in the company’s social commitment. It includes the process of expanding staff members’ capacities and functions by increasing their knowledge, thereby improving their employability. The company has a continuous training system in place. On a monthly basis, this system books specific hours on one day of the week to meet the training needs that arise every day. In addition, the Training Plan establishes specific training needs that can be defined, planned and assessed, either personally or departmentally.


Towards a more sustainable future

Environmental sustainability is one of the company’s priorities. In this regard, the company has tried to eliminate the use of plastic bags in its products such that, at present, its industrial product ranges do not feature this type of over-protective packaging. Furthermore, it has also supplied every employee with a reusable cup with a view to reducing the use of disposable cups. This campaign was supported by the placement of posters at consumption points.

Lastly, a decision was made to return to crude packaging, with no white coverings, for the new product series from the TOP Design catalogue in order to reduce the use of additional products other than paint for logos or identification labels.