When lighting car parks we must be aware that the priority element is safety, which is why we need good car park lighting. The light must be uniform throughout the area, both in the aisles and at the entrances and exits and, of course, in the parking spaces. JISO Iluminación has a collection of waterproof […]


Any industrial facility needs the same lighting requirements as any other type of workplace; efficient and appropriate lighting to aid worker concentration and productivity. Industrial lighting is especially important because depending on the location there can be hazardous spaces where light plays a key role. If we can see well, we can concentrate better and […]

Religious buildings

Lighting in a place of worship, in itself, should create a contemplative and relaxed atmosphere. Whether lighting mosques, synagogues, churches or any other type of place of worship, it should lead visitors to focus their attention on the essentials. JISO offers energy-efficient luminaires with high luminous efficacy for lighting places of worship.

Health and wellness

Lighting in healthcare facilities should be appropriate for both professionals and patients. It must create pleasant environments with lighting that is as natural as possible and favours the patient’s recovery. Lighting in health centres, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, clinics, residences, etc. must be of high quality to help professionals assist their patients, as well as efficient […]


Lighting is very important in educational establishments, as it is in workplaces. Lighting in schools, universities, academies, etc., must be suitable for the well-being of students, without glare or reflections, but also efficient to reduce consumption and costs.


Good lighting is essential in workplaces for the well-being and productivity of professionals. Correct lighting allows workers to concentrate better, but this lighting must also be efficient to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. Depending on the place to be illuminated, the luminaires should be of one type or another. The JISO catalogue includes […]


Retail is one of the sectors where energy savings are most taken into account when it comes to lighting their premises. Finding luminaires that considerably reduce consumption will achieve significant energy savings both in terms of consumption and environmental benefits. LED luminaires such as those in our track or magnetic collections are perfect for lighting […]


One of the essential characteristics of lighting in the hotel sector is to create welcoming atmospheres when illuminating the different spaces. JISO Iluminación offers design solutions with energy-efficient luminaires that provide warm lighting to create welcoming rooms for both guests and employees.


Residential lighting is very important to consider for aesthetic, functional and energy efficiency reasons. The lighting project of a house must be global, taking into account both the interior and the exterior. Our extensive catalogue includes indoor luminaires that adapt to all types of lighting, whether ambient, spot, decorative, and functional, but also among our […]